PVC Main Characteristics

PVC Main Characteristics

* Resistant to the action of fungi, bacteria, insects and rodents
* Resistant to most chemical reagents
* Great thermal, electric and acoustic
* Solid and shockproof
* Impermeable to liquids and gases
* Weather resistant (sun, rain, wind and salty air)
* Durable: it's life in the construction sector is more than 50 years
* Does not propagate flames: It's self-extinguishing
* Versatile and environmentally friendly
* Recyclable and recycled
* Manufactured with low power consumption
* Maximum respect for the environment
* High tightness and durability
* Warranty and quality
* Reduced maintenance

Profile / Reinforcements Bites / Seals

cortes1 – The outside wall of the rim

The joint between the sheet and the rim provide

Sealing to the window. (EPDM, TPC)

2 - Joints

Wall with 3 mm thickness allowing it to be foliated or even lacquered,both inside and outside.

3 - Air Chamber

Tubes enabling a more enhanced acoustic and thermal insulation profile.

4 - Reinforcements

In the central air chamber you can see a galvanized steel profile, that allows to maintain the rigidity of the profiles guaranteeing a smooth running of the windows and support of the weight of the glasses.

5 - Sheet

The sheet can be applied to various dimensions, and may increase the glass area.
It can be foliated or lacquered.

6 - Bites (finishes)

The byte alters the aesthetics of the profile system, reflecting itself in various forms.
Ex .: Round, square or framed.

7 - The Glass

The double glass is a thermal and acoustic insulation composed of two or more glass sheets, separated by a completed profile with interim dehumidifier agents, its dual sealing is airtight, durable and waterproof to atmospheric agents.

 Aros da Serie de 70mm


Folhas da Serie de 70mm


Composição Standard de Janela

comp janela 01

comp janela 02

comp janela 03

Reforços - Para Aro

reforce 1

Reforços - Para Folha

reforce 2



Composição Standard Portas - Largura

com stand porta

Composição Standard Portas - altura

com stand porta 1